• imgJune 27, 2020
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Review Designs of Solar/Wind Farms

Review multiple solar & wind farm projects in different ISO (ERCOT, CAISO, NYISO, PJM, ISO-NE, MISO, HECO, SPP, Southwest, Northwest, FRCC) with power levels ranging from 10MW to 50MW, 102MW, 225MW, 220MW, 227MW, 250MW, and 450MW.
– Supported to optimize the solar/wind farm layouts.
– Selected design and size for wind turbines and PV panels. Analyzed the farms’ annual energy production.
– Substation designs: Reviewed single-line and three-line diagrams for substations, relays, protection schemes, transformers, communication, and other electrical devices.
– Reviewed analysis of load flow, short circuits, grounding, harmonics, and other power quality issues.